Reelected Belize Prime Minister Will Turn to Chavez for Fuel

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE - MARCH 02:  The Royal Sta...

Belize City, Belize 8 March 2012 – Newly reelected Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow has said he will look to Hugo Chavez for assistance in providing low cost fuel as part of his ambitious plan to reduce the extremely high cost of living in Belize. Mr. Barrow recently escaped defeat in a very narrow election.

By cutting down on fuel imports from more traditional avenue, which are often priced at a premium, Mr. Barrow says that he will have no trouble continuing his “pro-poor” agenda. Although the plan was not openly available during the election cycle Mr. Barrow has pledged to immedietly commence a dialogue with President Chavez over Petro Cariber which would facilitate fuel imports to Belize from the South American nation.



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